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How to clean your yoga mat?

Jul 26,2022 | IUGA

How to clean your yoga mat?


Hey, when did you last clean your yoga mat ? One month?Two months or even long times? Maybe you don’t notice this problem, maybe you consider it as a trouble thing. Don’t worry! Here are some tips for you.



  1. Using water or alcohol.

If your yoga mat surface is rough, you can spray water or alcohol on the mat and wipe it mildly. It’s convenient for you.


  1. Using water to clean the surface of the mat.


This tip is suitable for PVC or latex mat. Alcohol will reduce its age. Therefore, using water to clean the mat is a good choice. Soak it in warm water for a few minutes, and then, scrub it with a damp yoga towel and remove the yoga mat to ventilated place.


If there are visible stains, sweat, or grease, or if you use it frequently, you can use yoga mat cleaner wipes to clean the surface of the yoga mat or add a small amount of mild detergent, such as body wash, washing liquid or laundry detergent into the water.


  1. 3. DIY yoga mat cleaner.

It’s easy to make yoga mats cleaner. You only need to prepare four things, sugar-free white vinegar, water, a 200ml bottle for spraying water, and essential oils.


Firstly, put 50ml vinegar into bottles. Secondly, add 20-25 drops of essential oils into the vinegar and shake it mildly to mix it better. Thirdly, add 150ml water to the bottle, and shake it. Lastly, spray this liquid on the yoga mat and wipe it with a yoga towel.


  1. Keep it clean for a long time

If you want to keep your yoga mat clean for a long time, you can buy a yoga bag, which can prevent dust. Buying a washable yoga mat is also a good idea.


  1. Keep ventilated 

Last but not least, don’t put the yoga mat into the washing machine or dryer, it will reduce yoga mat age. You can move it to ventilated place.




Knowing how to clean yoga mats, maybe you will be interested in how to choose yoga mats and maintain them better. There are some excellent suggestions for this problem.



  1. PVC yoga mats are cheap, some yoga mats are even under 10 dollars, but they have deadly defects. They are easily deformed, and not durable. TPE yoga mat is more expensive than a PVC yoga mat, but it’s deserved. It is lighter and more non-slip than a PVC yoga mat. Heathyoga TPE mat may meet your need.




  1. To evaporate organic compounds. The newly purchased mat should be ventilated for a few days. Meanwhile, keep children and pets away from it.


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