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How Yoga Helps Solve Back Pain Problems

Nov 19,2022 | IUGA-Stephen

The benefits of yoga are not only good for the body and mind but also effective for back pain.

If asked about the first step you take when suffering from back pain, what would you say? Is it a massage, a bath/hot compress, or medication? Maybe all this time those things are the only things that come to mind to overcome back pain.

Even though there are still other natural ways that can be empowered to overcome back pain. The method in question is to practice yoga.


Here's the Scientific Evidence

Eits, calm down! The statement just now is not just a theory. Various studies have proven that one of the benefits of yoga is indeed overcoming back pain.

One of them is the results of a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The findings said, after 3 months of doing yoga for back pain, the number of patients taking painkillers decreased by 20%.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

In fact, you need strong back muscles if you want to avoid back pain. The reason is because these muscles support the spine and determine posture. It is also the back muscles that enable the body to move and walk.

In essence, the stronger the back muscles, the less risk of pain. But unlike 'hard' exercises like lifting weights, yoga strengthens the muscles in a more gentle way.

Triangle, Locust, Bow

Some poses that can strengthen the back muscles are locust, bow, and triangle. However, beginners are not advised to practice them right away. Rather, slowly do other movements that focus on stretching first. If necessary, use yoga props such as straps or blocks to make the poses easier to practice.

More than that, the triangle pose is also good for strengthening the abdominal muscles. In addition to relaxing the back muscles, this move is also good for the entire spine.

Stretching for Back Pain

In addition, stretching is also necessary to overcome back pain because it can relieve tension in the muscles that cause discomfort. So when you have to stay in the same position for a long time, stretch regularly.

Stretching the muscles on the sides of the back - such as the hamstrings is also recommended. After all, all muscles in the human body actually work together. So exercising your legs, arms and abdominal muscles is also important for a healthy back.

Cat, Cow, Downward Dog, Seated Forward Fold…


...and various other twist poses are found to effectively flex the back muscles. Downward Dog, for example, is excellent for lengthening the back muscles, making it suitable for those who sit a lot.

Not only does it relieve tension in the back, but this pose also strengthens the shoulders, effectively relieving pain in the upper and middle back.

Breathing Technique

Yoga without proper breathing techniques is incomplete. Therefore, avoid holding your breath when in certain poses. Instead, breathe in and out deeply during your practice to keep your muscles relaxed and blood circulation smooth.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

What many people don't know is that mental health also affects the condition of the back. A study found that depression can trigger back pain, as well as stress. The reason is that when you are anxious or stressed, your muscles tend to tense up and become sore. Fortunately, this mental problem can also be overcome with yoga. In this case, the benefits of yoga do not stop at relieving stress, but also improving mood, enthusiasm, and energy.

So for those who have back pain, let's try to overcome it with yoga.