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IUGA High Waist Leggings

Oct 31,2022 | IUGA-Kikyo


PROS: Very affordable, good quality for the price, supportive, lots of colors

CONS: Not quite as durable as some, pockets are a bit small for a phone

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t want to spend a lot but still want decent quality? Check out the IUGA High Waist Leggings. We gave this affordable Amazon favorite a try and we were pleasantly surprised by how well they kept up with the more expensive competition. The fabric is thick enough that these pants aren’t see-through when you bend down, and they’re durable enough to last for many hiking seasons. If you wear leggings a lot, the IUGAs are cheap enough that you can get several pairs in different colors for the same price as a single pair of premium leggings. They’re also a great introductory option if you’ve never worn leggings and want to give them a try without breaking the bank.


Excerpt from cleverhiker